Healthcare Payers

High-quality, digital advance care planning drives value for members and savings for the insurance plan.  ADVault’s payer solutions were designed with industry and government experts to make advance care planning easy and accessible for beneficiaries, either with or without provider or case manager facilitation.  Empowering members with MyDirectives enables significantly greater engagement between individuals and their physicians and builds brand loyalty towards the healthcare payer that makes the engagement possible. Contact us today and let us show you how.

Healthcare Providers

ADVault’s healthcare provider customers include small group practices, large hospital systems, long-term care providers, skilled nursing facilities, third-party companies providing chronic care management services and health insurance payers.  MyDirectives®, the ADVault Exchange™ and the ADVault Facilitated ACP™ platform offer these customers a robust suite of solutions that makes advance care planning practical, billable and portable.  We look forward to listening to your needs – give us a call!

Health Information Exchanges

Health Information Exchanges are working hard to formulate and fine tune their business models, always seeking to propose new value-added services to their members.  ADVault’s Facilitated Advance Care Planning™ service, combined with access to the ADVault Exchange™ delivered via the HIE, provides a unique opportunity for both small ambulatory physician practices and large hospital systems to offer a scalable, high-quality service to patients and generate revenues doing so.  Contact ADVault today and let us show you how our solutions can improve outcomes and quality of care while generating sustainable revenue for your HIE.

Electronic Health Record and Personal Health Record Platforms

For almost 15 years, ADVault has focused on creating digital solutions that meet people, providers and payers where they are and help them get the person’s voice to the center of care.  We offer great flexibility and speed-to-market so you decide what works best for you. We can operate independently requiring no EHR or PHR integration, but also, ADVault is the industry leader in fully integrated digital advance care planning solutions.  In fact, we helped to create the healthcare IT standards around the secure, seamless exchange of all advance care planning documents. ADVault’s industry leadership and strategic understanding of the person-generated healthcare content space makes it easy for EHR and PHR companies to choose ADVault as their partner for digital advance care planning.  Let’s talk and see which options work best for you.

Community Partners

We know “it takes a village” to create massive behavioral change, and sea shifts in thinking usually start at the grassroots, community level.  Accordingly, ADVault works with a broad range of community partners, from local associations to national and international organizations and consumer advocacy groups.  Together, we improve clinical outcomes, improve patient and provider satisfaction, and reduce the costs associated with high-quality person-centered care. Contact us today and let’s brainstorm how we can help you help your neighborhoods.