Facilitated Advance Care Planning


Drive Advance Care Planning and Revenue for Physician Practices

Normalize advance care planning discussions with patients during regularly scheduled wellness visits and appointments.


Help People to Create, Upload and Share Their Advance Care Plan

Guide patients, members and clients, helping them to create or upload, update and share their advance care planning documents.

MyDirectives® Electronic Health Record Applications

MyDirectives is interoperable across the continuum of care.  Clinicians, administrators and case managers quickly and seamlessly access and review a person’s most up-to-date advance care planning documents natively in the EHR.  They can also invite people without an advance care plan to create a FREE MyDirectives account without ever leaving their EHR, and patients receive a text or email invitation to create a MyDirectives account in their patient portal, at MyDirectives.com or using the MyDirectives MOBILE™ app.  People can create a MyDirectives digital advance care plan or upload any third-party advance directive or POLST document. MyDirectives supports many file types from multiple sources, including rich media files, which can all be displayed, previewed and downloaded natively within the EHR.


Healthcare Payer Enterprise Tools

Much of the healthcare system expense results from unnecessary or unwanted care.  The industry is working hard to move to a system where payment is based on the value of care provided, and having payers aim for value should improve health system performance.  Paying for value, though, requires knowing what actually matters to the person at the very center of care. MyDirectives makes advance care planning easy and accessible for plan members – with or without provider or case manager facilitation.  Empowering members with MyDirectives supports significantly greater engagement between those individuals and their physicians. In addition to honoring the wishes of their members and ensuring their voices are heard, healthcare payers see considerable savings when the goals, preferences and priorities of their members are accessed, reviewed and honored.

United Healthcare

The ADVault Exchange

The ADVault Exchange is a global interoperable registry that stores advance care planning documents and portable medical orders and allows the information to be shared with healthcare providers, payers and our integration partners anytime, anywhere in the world in a safe and secure environment using industry-standard data security, content and transport protocols. ADVault’s intelligent, standards-based integrations make advance care planning documents and other person-generated health data stored in the ADVault Exchange portable and interoperable with the largest electronic records systems on the market. We designed the ADVault Exchange to operate seamlessly within healthcare provider and payer workflows and administrative procedures. Getting started today is quick and easy utilizing our Rapid API Delivery (RapiDTM) solution.

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